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Espresso, coffee, cappuccino
Coffee, aka "Our Addiction:"

We love coffee.  Like really, really love coffee.  We believe caffeine is its own food group.  Our fanatic baristas are hardworking and highly caffeinated.  We are “Coffee Geeks” and proud of it!

At TCB, we are committed to serving up great espresso and amazing brews.  Choose from our AM “on tap” brew selection or our afternoon pour over menu.  We like to keep it fresh, providing a steady stream of seasonal offerings from our select roasters.  Oh, and we don’t do grande....


Our Roasters

TCB is proud to be a multi-roasting shop--constantly striving to deliver our customers that best cup of coffee.  At TCB you'll have your choice between our house and a rotating single origin espresso as well as many delicious single origin coffees on our pour over menu.

TCB's current Roaster Roster is:


Ceremony Coffee Roasters
Verve Coffee Roasters
Bespoken Coffee Roasters
Onyx Coffee Lab
Draft Coffee
Flat white
Grab a seat at the bar....
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